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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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between. the latest.
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news headlines. russia and china vetoed the latest u.n. security council resolution on syria. because the draft didn't reflect the real situation in damascus unbalanced signals to all sides in the conflict. the latest from. in a matter of just five minutes after the meeting began russia and china both wielded their veto powers not supporting this draft resolution that was written by. european countries while the draft resolution was supported by thirteen members of the security council russia was asking for. russian foreign minister
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sergei lavrov. not excessive and. said that russia was urging the west to accommodate concerns to reach a compromise on this draft resolution china during the meeting. or did russia amendments and said for the council to up. there was a divide it did not help. or authority of the security council russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said. using the security council as a tool to intervene on a sovereign country experiencing an internal conflict he believes that could create chaos in international affairs so as we see there was. on this resolution it did not go through and it's because russia believes that as the draft resolution
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was presented it had a lot of balances in it when it comes to the current circumstance in syria russian envoy to the united nations vitaly churkin did go into detail about those imbalances but. the security council has not yet reached its conclusion draft resolution. adequately with the real situation in syria and. the co-sponsors of the resolution. taking into account the syrian opposition to distance itself from extremist groups committing violence. to use their influence to prevent such. taken into account. with his drawing the syrian. state institutions. nor has the being support for affording more flexibility to get into. league states to increase the chances of
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a successful political process the russian delegation was forced to vote against this draft resolution seriously regret. visit damascus on tuesday to meet with syrian president bashar. this is. some type of peaceful approach to. the conflict. in syria the arab league has also addressed the security council at the stakeout saying that they are extremely disappointed. but they will continue trying to work with the security council with the united nations to try to reach some type of consensus now u.s. president barack obama did also issue a statement of his own. that you know the united states is on the side of the syrian people that are posing the syrian president and his government and he said.
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regime the time has come for the. assad regime. clearly the united states is pushing for regime change this is a sticking point this is something that russia does not support so we'll see what takes place in the days and weeks to come but as of now the draft. by the europeans by the arab league vetoed by russia and china. reporting from new york. and more on the security council failing to pass a resolution on syria. thank you for joining us. and the international community to resolve the syrian crisis or. the conflict in the hands of the. well first of all the international community quote unquote meaning the united states france some of the gulf cooperation states that are the cause of the crisis in syria the crisis is an armed rebellion not of the people but
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of very small groups that are very well armed trained by the united states and by turkey with weapons smuggled in through jordan and through turkey and earlier through lebannon that apparently has stopped by an agreement with the lebanese government and you know the push here for regime change betrays the nature of this so-called. you know resistance to the free syrian army as a matter of fact even on al-jazeera the day i was reported to attack the syrian army and kill ten of their you know the ten military people you cannot have an armed rebellion in a country and turn your back on providing security meanwhile the same players that made up numbers out of thin air about a massacre in libya that turned out to be completely false from human rights watch to gulf cooperation states western media are now doing the same thing they say
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there were two hundred fifty people killed yesterday or in the last twenty four hours in a home and there is absolutely no evidence of this whatsoever except for reports from free syrian army and quote unquote rebel spokespeople so you know this of the same scenario that happened in libya is you know attempting to come into being again and this time russia and china are not allowing it interesting lee after all the major copus we heard from president zuma of south africa over how he was misled in libya. south africa voted again for the u.s. backed resolution that was fronted by morocco to alas it doesn't say it in so many words but neither did the resolutions. seventy and seventy three it would basically enable intervention by the west in syria now continuing and picking up on what you said about some of these parties being the cause of the conflict right now moscow
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is of the opinion that the western states have fallen into the habit of using the un as a tool to bring about regime change if that's true what hope is there of resolving the crisis at all. well the crisis ultimately has to be resolved by the syrian people and the crisis that they face is that there are armed gangs running through their country and committing murder in not in so many places by the way but in enough places where it's a threat to security and then there is a massive media blitz on that says that the situation in this part of the current year that part of the country is extremely volatile and there's rebel held territory and all these things and they have no way of verifying any of this except when you speak to people on the ground like i spoke for example with lizzie fallon and with also most stuff i'll zose that they from iran both inform were on the ground in syria last weekend for two weeks prior when you go to the locations that
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these things supposedly took place and nothing happened you ask the people on the ground was there a firefight here no you see any evidence of these things you know and you look around yourself a nation have video and showed it and it's on the internet on you too that there was nothing that took place where supposedly these major battles took place so the people of syria face essentially the threat of form gangs are killing and there's they're doing some killing again they've killed ten soldiers in the last twenty four hours according to al-jazeera which is if it's quite well it is partisan but it's partisan on the rebel side but you know they have this information war going on against them and the threat of terrorism and the entire world outside of a few same players like russia and china lining up behind this group that is trying to prevent the syrian government from storing water now we know why russia has opposed the move why do you suppose china has joined and opposed move as well. well first of all the syria war that the united states would like to have is actually
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a proxy war with iran this is a rhymes ally in the region and tehran is definitely. it is so obvious at this point the next destination for this little circus so china of course has people that can read a map from tripoli to damascus to tehran they see trouble being stirred up into a bet they see trouble being sort of good russia just as the the embryo basically of the things that started out in these other places and it's very clear that with the u.s. engaging in an attempt to encircle china from the east and the south in australia in the philippines that this kind of activity on their south western flank is not good for them and so i think they're starting to wake up and realize that the u.s. it may be coming for them soon and that they need to stop it here when we know china and russia have used their veto power what is the next step will the u.n.
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redraft of the resolution take into account russian and chinese objections or will we be at a standoff well apparently a standoff at the moment because the amendments were offered by russia they were supported by china and this bloc that the united states has assembled from portugal to france to south africa again i don't understand zuma still how he's getting away with that but this whole alliance that they've put together thirteen member alliance on the security council already refused the amendments offered by russia and so russia can people offering the amendments and i hope that russia does keep offering the amendments but the people who live in these other countries need to start paying attention to this because these are the early stages of a potentially very wide ranging war there at least with the ron after syria and perhaps with russia and china and that's not going to be good for anyone except a very few wealthy weapons makers and you know people at the pinnacle of power in
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the west all right always a pleasure to talk to you and hear your take on these types of situations anti-war activist and journalist done by thanks for being with us. in russia more than two hundred thousand people have taken to the streets of moscow st petersburg and other cities to express their political views ahead of the march fourth presidential election our correspondent peter all over saw the gatherings firsthand. well saturday was a day of demonstrations here in the russian capital we saw a march and a rally by opposition supporters a large group of them meeting in the center of the city and marching here to block my a square which blood money has really become the central focus point for opposition protesters here in moscow this is the second time that opposition protesters have taken to the last night a square far fewer this time than last but of course the the weather
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a big deciding factor cripplingly low temperatures here in the russian capital in fact the organizers of the protest here sure. the events that were going to be happening just to make it more comfortable for people who had come out in the cold minus twenty times on saturday here in moscow. say they came out to try to voice their opinions in their freedom but if you were forced to look in here because i'm tired of the go away from the suits my needs and wants this to carry on for you if you have to. change their elections and when you. you know it was because you might go on to come here and. now talk about some of those groups that we've seen come here they really come from all across the russian political strong we've seen far right groups far left groups and everybody in between. all coming out coming here to pull off my square to demonstrate we didn't hear as well because of the
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the presidential candidate the independent presidential candidate he's drawing a lot of support from some of the groups that have come here to protest he said he would attend but he wouldn't give a speech this wasn't the only demonstration there was taking place on saturday there's also being gatherings of people who are in favor of the government pro-government forces and. who will be campaigning saying that they want a revolution in russia using the example of the orange revolution in ukraine in the chaos which country founded. saying that they don't need. to revolution. it's times of instability and they didn't want to return to the dog days of the ninety's now the good news for everybody. peacefully everything is being carried off today the opposition the pro-government protests going on
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relatively with. one of the putin rallies we did see the leader of that rally taken into custody by police because the. amount of people the amount of people. we saw a lot of police in cities they did say protesters must remain within the law they did do that and everything going on very peacefully as becomes the day of demonstrations. peter all of the reporting for us there now with the presidential election just around the corner the opposition is demanding a fair vote martin mccauley who is an expert on university of london believes the process must be visibly transparent if further protests are to be avoided. result of the election of course we're very very important because what these demonstrators want is if you like a clean election an absence of fraud and so on and it's up to the authorities to
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ensure that there would be cameras there and so on and therefore it's probably will be a fair election but what is important is that it seemed to be fair and that these people have no cause to claim that the election on the fourth of march with president vladimir putin wins of the first runoff that has to be seen to be fair and to be clean otherwise it will be tremendous protests on the left of the box the opposition will not come together they don't want to compromise they don't want to . arrive at a single candidate the only way they're going to defeat the liberal in the fourth of march just over a single candidate is accepted by the whole opposition and there's no likelihood because it looks ready as if it could not easily gone that the common is going to do it would come up second as he always does then that this is result in the third or fourth the storm. could bring up the rest because he is there really only to appeal to the mood to cross over because. of course you are with r.t.
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still to come in the program. an anti-piracy treaty designed to protect intellectual property has europeans in revolt find out why they say it violates their basic rights. in egypt at least twelve people have been killed in street battles with riot police more than two thousand have also been injured in violence following the death of seventy four people in football related violence on wednesday demonstrators are demanding the military council steps down police fired tear gas from armored vehicles out protesters to keep control of the situation in response to protests presidential elections could now be moved forward from g m a civilian council advising the military leadership said that nominations should start being. accepted at the end of the month dr o'meara sure from the institute of arab and islamic studies at the university of exeter says egypt just wants an accountable civilian leadership. the supreme council of the armed forces has
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mismanaged the transitional process to a large degree the expectations on the egyptian street where rising again they call that they will be. power from but it could lead to civilian elected civilian in six months and therefore once you have elected civilian rule they investments will come to life the economic life will be back to normal there would be a formal restructuring of the security services that acted in a very aggressive and brutal way and put off to a during the mubarak era and all these the expectations to the economy to enhance the better economy the dignity the freedom the bread the slogans of that evolution were not really accomplished by a year off a bit of aleutian and many on the streets of egypt blame the transitional. videos of the transitional period which is the supreme council of the armed forces that's why that is at the protest last friday and on the anniversary of that evolution we
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wanted a president and now an elected president now so that they can hold him accountable if he failed to the store back to the egyptian economy and if you fail to deform the security services iran says it will definitely stop oil exports to certain european countries the islamic republic's oil minister says they have yet to make a decision on cutting supplies to other use states it's tehran's response to the oil embargo that was set to come into force in july chris bambery from the international socialist group says there are also plenty of other reasons for tehran to try and retaliate. i think they're listening to what's the rhetoric from london paris and washington and understands that that rhetoric is being hyped up all the time we've had claims this week the u.s. defense secretary that there was going to be in a rain year in terror attacks inside the united states although he also said there was no evidence they could use the evidence for that today elsewhere in tel aviv i
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read a supposedly respectful commentators saying the arrears had missiles which he could fire could hit the united states of america that claim is just simply posterous but we are seeing a ratcheting up of the right and tyranny and rhetoric in the west at the same time there really is must be very very nervous about the american build up inside the gulf inside the persian gulf if you look at the map of iran it is surrounded by american military bases incidentally bases which are all sort aimed at russia and china so i think in some ways the pressure must be on inside the rand to think we should be going to retaliate in forced. argy dot com has plenty of other stories for you online right now. tori is activists group anonymous finds out what the f.b.i. really thinks of them and get their own back by making the audio recording online read what was said at our website. and russia is over the moon as it
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unveils its space ambitions these and other stories available online that are. campaigners for online freedom are out in force in sweden to protest against a new copyright treaty signed by governments across europe the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement has yet to be ratified by the european parliament and that's what activists want to prevent saying the new law would endanger free speech and privacy . this is the front line in the most modern of political battles over internet freedom these crowds have gathered in central stockholm in sweden village and all of the pirate parties that have sprung up all over europe and beyond it's
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a protest against the. straight agreement all revolves around the laws that are trying to be pushed through in many countries this agreement tries to standardize the enforcement of those laws in the u. m did america and further around the world these people say it's not an innocent agreement it's not simple it's the salt on the internet freedom and it's a way for governments to monitor them and to stop them having a free exchange of information the internet and we heard earlier from people on both sides of the argument about how different here on this issue if you say world they were. he should be free well perhaps no one will write any books or produce music or films etc or anywhere that's not disappear but he writes less because it's not profitable until the next generation has grown up with the ability to say
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anything to anybody else on the planet today ideas battle it out for themselves to have a freedom of speech never before imagine we don't need to ask anybody's permission to present new ideas and. all of a sudden corporations want to take that away because it inconveniences them and millions of young people are rising up in anger the success of the growth of pirate parties both here in sweden and elsewhere around the world is evidence of how high the status of internet freedom of complainers has risen and on the signing of the actual agreement a few days ago huge protests broke out in poland they were so i'll read it and so angry that the government there has suspended the actor agreement that they want the same to happen here although the debates are going to go on until june when the indian parliament votes on this internet freedom urging people to get their view
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across before that vote this debate is going to go on it's not finished yet and it seems it's going to be anything but calm. time now to take a look at other news making headlines around the world at this hour. greece has twenty four hours left to strike a deal with lenders on a one hundred thirty billion euro rescue plan before the country is pushed towards a default that is according to the country's finance minister coalition that leaders are opposed to outside demands for further civil service cuts debt inspectors are in athens to check the progress of imposed cuts in private sector pay and new austerity measures athens needs to come up with fourteen point four billion euros for loan repayments by march one. more than three thousand afghans were killed in two thousand and eleven making last year the deadliest on record for the country's civilians according to a new one reported most of the casualties were caused by militants with fourteen percent by international and local troops meanwhile nato is preparing to pull out
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by twenty fourteen leaving afghan security forces to take charge of fighting insurgency. europe's week long cold snap has now claimed two hundred twenty lives as countries. struggle with record low temperatures ukraine is being hit the hardest as more than one hundred died when temperatures plummeted to minus thirty degrees celsius most of the victims are said to be homeless people meanwhile bosnian authorities declared a state of emergency in the capital sarajevo when snow caused power outages and closed transit routes and in rome the coliseum is closed over fears that tourists would slip on the icy ruins following a rare snowfall in the city. the castro the leader of cuba's communist revolution has made a rare public appearance in the country's capital havana and was the presentation of his thousand page memoirs called time cuban state t.v. showed the former leader engaged in animated conversations at the six hour long
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castro retired in two thousand and eight because of ill health after almost half a century in. office and that is it for this hour i'll be back with an update of our top stories after a short break. wealthy british scientist son it's time to.
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. absolutely at least subsists.
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is. going to. the close up team has
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been to the whole bar of screeching where the country's mineral wealth starts its way across the ocean. now our tea goes to the area. was named after lenin but looking to a different character to represent itself. for local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. that's where the four by fours are made and can be tested to the limit. welcome to the young of creature. russia close up on our teeth.


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